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“Vegas? You KNOW you’re not destined to go to Vegas.”

This comment comes straight from my hubby, The Gringo Papi and just makes me want to push that much more to get to BlogWorld Expo!

Okay, there’s a reason behind hubby’s comment.  It’s not like he’s just being rude – at least not this time.  Ya see, the past three companies that I worked for were supposed to send me to Vegas a combined total of six times and for one reason or another I never went on those trips.  Like it wasn’t meant to be.  Hubby says the universe was just trying to tell me that if I went something not so good would happen or I would probably get into mischief – okay from what I hear about Ted and the Izea crew I can’t say his concerns aren’t without merit!

But whatever.  I want to go.  No, I NEED to go!  Anyone who knows me can tell you that I eat, breathe, live the social media work that I do.   So, I’m hoping that Ted and the Izea crew *ALERT! SERIOUS BUTT KISSING APPROACHING!* – in their infinite wisdom and generosity will see fit to choose me for this awesome opportunity.

Since I have this one shot at getting a free pass to Blog World Expo from Izea I will say it in Spanish AND English to make sure that I am getting my point across…Por Favor Mandeme a Blog World Expo – Please send me to Blog World Expo!

Also, I have put together this little video for your viewing pleasure.  Cross your fingers that it gets me there!  Thanks to all of you for your support!

And my last bargaining chip?  Well, if sent to BlogWorld Expo I’ll wear my princess costume with Izea right smack on it!  How do you like them apples?

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  1. Super good luck Jennifer!!! That would definitely be an amazing opportunity. I hope you will get picked to go via IZEA.
  2. Good luck you'll get to Vegas. BTW loved the video clip :-)
  3. Suerte, Jennifer - your puppet show skills are top-notch-Nick- Jr.-quality. Put that on your resume. LOL ;) {Abrazos!}


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