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National Moms Nite Out

My first vlog post. I’m thinking that next time I won’t be doing it with Shaunsito in the room!

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  1. You are so brave! And the baby is so cute! great vlog post. :)
  2. The video looks great, I had a little trouble hearing it - could be my laptop! So glad you could join us for Moms Nite Out! Winks & Smiles, Wifey
  3. The video log was great! I had a little trouble hearing it on my laptop but it did sound better on the desktop. What I didn't have any trouble hearing was Shaunsito...He reminds me of my twins. Always into something and trying to steal the show! Great vlog...Looking forward to more!
  4. loved the video and even more so being able to see my handsome and adorable nephew :-)
  5. Hahaha! Shaunsito should be your permanent co-host. He made it very entertaining. It was great to see your beautiful face again, amiga :) Someone mentioned the sound - I wasn't going to b/c I thought it was just my computer, too - but maybe it's the video then b/c I had to turn the YouTube video's volume to the max and my laptop's volume to the max to hear and it was still a bit quiet. I look forward to more videos. I hope this is the first of many :)

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