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Soccket & State Farm “Play Today. Illuminate Tomorrow.” Twitter Party

Growing up in the United States I know that I have often taken for granted the little things that are BIG things in other countries…like electricity. And whenever I visit familia-family en Peru we always tried to give back a little by making it a point to take needed items to the more rural areas. I continue to want to do more and bring in necessary things but how in the world could I ever deliver something big, like electricty, to them? Thanks to sOccket™ (a soccer ball that harnesses and stores green energy during play for later use as a power source) I can do just that and you can too!

What’s even more exciting was finding out that State Farm is partnering with sOccket™ in hopes to bring light to some countries that lack access to electricity. This amazing initiative is being launched through their Juega Hoy. Ilumina el Mañana (Play Today. Illuminate Tomorrow) program which is in association with the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup, the regional soccer championship of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

With the Illumina Comunidad program, State Farm is reaching out with a brand new Juega e Ilumina tab on the State Farm Latino Facebook page (*the tab is also available in English). To find out how you can start donating light to participating countries, visit the Juega e Ilumina tab. Some of the ways you can help are:

  • Watch and ‘like’ the videos of Futbol Freestylers to add one minute of light to the represented country.
  • Play the featured game, Play & Illuminate, where you can choose the country you wish to send sOccket™ energy balls and then play to donate.
  • Download a brand new iPhone app, Kick4ACause, which is a virtual soccer game you can play to help donate sOcckets. Every 15 minutes of play collected will result in one sOccket™ ball donation, so State Farm will donate more sOccket™ balls when consumers play more.

And if you haven’t seen these balls in action I highly recommend you watch their cool videos here!

To help further spread the word and encourage others to help “shed some light” on this program we hope you will join us in our “Play Today. Illuminate Tomorrow.” Twitter Party!

Please be sure to follow my Twitter handle and use the hashtag below:


Date: Friday, June 24th, 2011
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST

PRIZES: $250 worth of Gift Cards from and
To Be Eligible For Prizes:

  • You must follow hostess
  • Use hashtag
  • Must be participaing in the party
  • US Residents Only
  • Must RSVP below

*Winners will be chosen throughout the evening through

[blenza_autolink memecode]

AND for another chance at a $50 gift card you can tweet the following and leave the link to your tweet in the comment section below.

“Join @Mami2Mommy 6/24 9-10pm EST for #IlluminateNow Twitter Party and RSVP here for prizes!

Good luck and thanks for helping to make a change, one soccer ball at time!

*Disclosure – I was provided with gift cards for prizing and monetary compensation to host the twitter party through State Farm.
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  1. I'll be there :)
  2. Please support Mami2Mommy and Socket for a great cause!
  3. I'll do my best to work it into the schedule! You know I love twitter parties!
  4. My sweet tweet!!/InTheKitchenKP/statuses/83890570799484928
  5. What a great campaign to give back, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing this; I'll be sure to spread the word!
  6. I’ll be there & tweeted:!/ADiva_Circle/statuses/83902231509860354
  7. My tweet & I'll keep tweeting to spread the word. Great cause!
  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing (the story and the power!)
  9. I will be there! Can't wait to tweet with everyone :)
  10. I am a Latina Mami2Mommy also and business owner. I get it and Love it! I will encourage others to help “shed some light”... Thank you for sharing. Together we can make it happen!
  11. Hey there...just checking in!!
  12. Will be "there", Jennifer.
  13. tweeted!/Unkatchable73/status/83990896076525568
  14. I tweeted: @BNTVosburgh!/BNTVosburgh/status/84030782678638592
  15. This is a wonderful cause and such a cool concept to spread awareness.
  16. Looking forward to the party :)
  17. I RSVP'd
  18. Tweet!/Sticemichelle/status/84165850424283138
  19. Tweeted!!/jednc2/status/84230239634464768 jednc @ hotmail .com
  20. RSVP done!
  21. Thanks for a great party, see you all there
  22. mnvikes40 Kim Naumann ”Join @Mami2Mommy 6/24 9-10pm EST for #IlluminateNow Twitter Party and RSVP here for prizes!“ I tweeted this.
  23. tweeted:!/xstitchschool/status/84252792486768640
  24. @Lexiquin is excited about the party Tweet!!/lexiquin/status/84278896081645568
  25. rsvp'd! Cathy B pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com @projecthope7
  26. Tweeted:!/cin_20/statuses/84289026235961344
  27. will be there! :) @lovinmomma8
  28.!/lovinmomma8/status/84305831797071872 tweeted :) thx
  29. will be there!
  30. tweeted:!/keltom2/status/84281851027537920
  31.!/zoehunter/status/84352220954492928 will be here :))
  32. rsvp done
  33. Wow -- what a fantastic campaign. Will be at the Twitter party, and share with others!
  34. My tweet -> @ChaoticKarma23
  35. Tweeted:!/skinimini2/status/84398139112570880
  36. RSVP'd @agitatedmama
  38.!/DreamFog/status/84389802979495936 I tweeted the party, looking forward to it!
  39. RSVP
  41. Tweeted!!/glassfishie/status/84425717508616192
  42. at party! :)
  43. what an amazing idea.

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