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Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

While the BlogHer 2009 Conference is going on in Chicago I am happily spending the weekend at home with my family and loving every minute of it!

So, why am I so excited to be staying home instead of hanging out with some wonderful bloggers, listening to fabulous speakers, and receiving swag?  I have many reasons but here are my Top 10:

1.  I get to help my Shaunsito practice walking and watch as he giggles hysterically even when he falls!

2.  I get to catch up on my “cuddle time” with my two favorite Shauns…Shaunsito y Papi Shaun

3.  Extra time to shed the baby weight…okay you caught me, it’s no longer baby weight but Chick-Fil-A weight!   Can I help it that I love french fries, chicken tenders, and sweet tea?  My little peanut helps me out with this on his play mat.  We do Mommy & Baby Yoga!  We love it!

4.  Gives me the opportunity to cozy up to Cozi , finally be able to plan dates with my husband, events for the whole family in the next few weeks and just get organized!

5.  Allows me to be able to nurse my son without feeling worried that I may be offending someone because I am breastfeeding and participate in the #NonBlogHerParty and meet more phenomenal bloggers without this worry.

6.  Being able to silently watch my sleeping son and hubby and just take it all in.  I am lucky.

7.  I can continue working with my son to say his first word.  Mami has $20 riding on this son, so make sure it’s Mami and not Papi first! 🙂

8.  We’ll get to go to church where all the women will ooh and ahhh over Shaunsito while he reaches his arms out to them to be carried/held.  My angel has no shame and knows how to wrap the ladies around his pinky already.  We are in trouble.

9.  I get to take Shaunsito to a Yummy Spoonfuls Meetup where we’ll get to learn about healthy ways to eat, organic foods, and other wonderful information so that I can raise my son and family to be healthy and strong.

10.  And lastly, I am excited to stay home with my family because one look at this beautiful face and how in the world can you resist?  I love you mi hijito!


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  1. cuddle time and teaching to walk sound wonderful.Have a great weekend. When you have time come look at my top 10 list.
  2. Great reasons. I can totally tell how much you love your family.
  3. You are fantastic mommy and great esposa! I know that your family enjoys every minute of our presence in their life. While some way somehow we envision ourselves at a fun women get together like Blogher09, we have a lot to look forward at home. Like my bitterly teething daughter and my energetic preschoolers. Many blessings, Liseth
  4. hey good luck ! Please share the comment love :) thx Jeanine
  5. J I am with you, there is nothing better than spending time with the family!!! In reference to #3, you know you can always invest in a Body Magic and drop 2 to 3 sizes instantly..HINT, HINT. :)
  6. Oh BTW, if you really want to purchase that Body Magic and drop 2 to 3 sizes instantly then visit my website Am I wearing you down yet??? ;>)
  7. I would oooh and aahhh over your little munchkin too!! All the best with the giveaway....really hope by some miracle we all win!! PS Do come over and leave a comment on mine :>
  8. I LOVE reason number 5. I was so lucky to stay home this wknd and watch my 2 yr old pee all over my carpets. Potty training
  9. Chicken tenders and french fries sound good! Hope you had a great weekend. Please return the comment love :)
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