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Wordless Wednesday ¡Que Viva El Peru!

We wanted to show a little love to our Peruvian heritage on this Wordless Wednesday.  My son, Shaunsito, decided to help out.  Abuelita (lela) would be so proud.  ¡Que Viva El Peru!

¡Que Viva El Peru!

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  1. He is just too cute. I am loving this picture. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
  2. I adore this picture! What a doll - is he always this happy?
  3. Thanks! For the most part he is always this happy. However, he is teething right now so he's been having more of those fussy moments. Hopefully that won't last long. Please tell me they don't! :)
  4. I like your site plain and simple. Keep up the good work and I will keep reading you.

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