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Blog Forward Challenge #3 – Zone Perfect Giveaway

The months have flown by so quickly and I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 months from when I made my New Year’s resolutions through Zone Perfect’s Blog Forward challenge. I partnered with Zone Perfect to see if I could take on the challenge of making some healthy changes in my life. So lets take a look back and see if I accomplished and stuck to being the healthiest me I can be.

1) Package my own snacks – I am a preschool teacher and there are times that I would skip lunch or have an unhealthy snack. Since starting the challenge, I have definitely done a better job at bringing in healthier snacks to work versus just eating sugary snacks with no nutritional value. I’ve now opted to choosing snack items such as hummus & crackers, veggies, cheese sticks and fruit instead. At times when we have special celebrations in my classroom do I cheat a little….of course I do! I am human and a true believer in eating in moderation.

2) Drink more water – Well I can finally say I have gone “100% soda free” in my diet. I never drank coffee and my go to caffeine drink was always dark soda. Well after 7 months I can proudly say I have not taken a sip of dark sodas. I slowly weened myself off of it and completely converted to water. If you know me well having done this was my biggest challenge ever! Since the change I have experienced less migraines and I don’t rely on the caffeine to keep me going anymore. I can honestly say I really enjoy drinking water. I have added lemon and limes to my water to change it up and sometimes when I feel an urge for the carbonation I will drink a carbonated drink like club soda.

3) Exercise – I have always loved to do some type of exercise. Zumba and any cardio dance classes are my exercise classes of choice. But this time I choose to try a different kind of workout. I chose circuit exercise training that included boxing and body conditioning. Moving from one intense exercise to another has been a love-hate relationship for me. But I love it! and I feel I am getting a total workout by challenging myself to a different work out a day.

4) Date Night – Well my husband and I have stuck to having date nights more often than not. Life isn’t just about work, the kids and running around like crazy parents. Not only did I have to take notice to my unhealthy eating habits but also the lack of time spent with my husband without our kids. Having an occasional night out for dinner or a movie has been so refreshing for us. We get to catch up on all the things we have been meaning to discuss and finish a meal without intreruptions – bonus! Taking care of your body, mind and soul is a great way to stay healthy.

In looking back on what I have accomplished in the past 7 months I can say that I did it! and I will continue to go this healthy path of happiness. Thank you Blog Forward challenge by Zone Perfect for challenging me into bringing to the forefront the healthy changes I needed to make.

Giveaway Time!

Zone Perfect has provided me with a well being essentials kit to giveaway to (1) Mami2Mommy reader. This is a great giveaway to get YOU and your family started on getting to a healthier YOU!

The kit includes:

  • Pedometer
  • Tumbler
  • Lip Balm
  • Hair Ties
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Box of Zone Perfect Bars




Disclosure: By entering this program, I received complimentary products and ZonePerfect promotional items and I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.

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