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Celebrate Father’s Day With @Rayovac Gift Guide!

The handsome men in my life!

Growing up my papi – father – wasn’t a very outdoorsy or a do-it-yourself type of guy. Of course he fixed things around the house because they had to be done but aside from that he’d rather hire someone to take care of it. And I don’t remember any  family camping trips either. He preferred the indoors. That’s just my dad and I love him to pieces but me, I wanted to get out and build things and explore. So, when I met my husband, Shaun, I met my match. I knew when I first visited his apartment and saw camping equipment and do-it-yourself books on the bookshelves that this was a match made in heaven!

With Father’s Day quickly approaching I’m looking forward to shopping for the perfect gifts that I know will put a smile on my hubby’s face. That’s why with the help of some great products from Rayovac this year I’ll be able to put together a gift basket that he is sure to love and put to good use!

*Note to Hubby: You have already been instructed not to read my posts this week so if you ARE reading this now I will forfeit your gifts. Okay maybe not but you’ll be on my naughty list for sure so stop reading now please! For everyone else feel free to continue. *Smiles*

Rayovac Sportsman LED 4 Watt 3D 240 Lumen Area Lantern

This lantern will definitely ensure that our family gets a camping trip this year. Yay! And with battery run time at 40 hours (on high) and 90 hours (on low) you really can’t go wrong. I’m thinking the low option will be a nice touch when hubby tells his scary stories in the tent. Spooky but not to spooky!!!

The fact that it’s water-resistant is an even bigger plus since hubby and our 3 year old enjoy water fights in AND out of the tent. Now we don’t have to worry so much about our lantern getting a tad wet. Instead I can use the time I normally would to reprimand them and sit down to enjoy a good book by the light.


Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED 3AAA Flashlight

You’ll have him at “Indestructible”, I guarantee it! If your hubby is anything like mine he’ll really appreciate the ruggedness of this flashlight.

Our family tends to have back luck on the road with flat tires and they always seem to occur at night. Poor hubby struggled with poor lighting or flimsy flashlights but with this manly beauty of a flashlight I know hubby will be able to take care of a flat in less time than before. And for my piece of mind it is bright enough for oncoming cars to know that we are there.

So just how virtually indestructible is it? Let’s just say if you dropped it from 30 feet you’d still be good to go. However, be sure hubby doesn’t try that out when it’s his turn to watch the kiddos!

And on the slight chance that your flashlight meets a fate even you couldn’t imagine – think a curious toddler who wants to drop it in the toilet and flush it – rest assure that this product is also water-resistant. Thanks Rayovac for knowing how my child thinks before he acts!

Rayovac Portable Back-Up Charger for Mobile Phones and Other Mobile Devices

Okay this gift will definitely work for both my hubby and father this year. What dad isn’t somewhat tech savvy or mobile connected these days? Even my dad treasures his mobile phone and can’t seem to live without it. Even when on vacation at a nice relaxing beach. Don’t deny it papi, I have proof, see picture below!

If either my husband or my dad walked out of the house with a dead cell phone I think they’d both curl up in a ball and cry. Yup, it’s that serious. My guess is the dad in your life is likely the same. What better way then to gift them with a back-up charger that can give them an extra 90 minutes of talk time. Moms, there will be no more excuses either of “Honey, I couldn’t get your message and run that errand for you because my phone was dead!”

Win win for everyone, no?

As promised, a picture of my papi on the beach with his favorite possession, his cell phone. Well, at least I know now that I get my love of tech from him and I am without a doubt daddy’s girl. 

Want to see a smile, like the one above, on your special dad’s face this Father’s Day? Head over to Rayovac.com for more of these great gift ideas. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter, too!

From our family and our friends at Rayovac have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

*Disclosure: As a Rayovac Power Blogger I have been provided product to review and monetary compensation. However, all opinions and witty commentary are my own.

Jennifer Hutcheson is the Owner and Editor of Mami 2 Mommy - a community where all moms can have a voice. She is a Latina mami of a 5-year-old boy, Shaun (aka Shaunsito) and wife to another incredible male in her life, Daddy Shaun. Currently a Digital Strategist/Social Media Consultant and a Freelance Writer her days are often filled with the joys of her crazy mami world and the passion for her work.



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