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I cannot begin to tell you how badly and for the longest amount of time I had wanted to have a facial. I have always had issues with my skin and was not blessed with the best skin in the world so I kept telling myself that I would eventually have the facial done – hopefully by someone who could also provide me with some good facial care tips.  So after putting it off for so long I received an incredible opportunity to do just that and also be able to share something even better with all my readers…Spa Week®!

If you are not familiar with Spa Week® here’s the scoop. 

Spa Week® is a bi-annual event that allows you to enjoy luxurious full-service spa treatments at the finest spas across North America for just $50 each.

No, I did not stutter.  It really is just $50 which is an incredible deal for many of these amazing treatments.   And to think that I got to experience my first facial ever on my 3 year wedding anniversary (September 29th) made it that much more sweet!  Anyhow, I headed on down to Dr. Q Cosmetics in Atlanta and felt at ease right away.  Their office is connected to Dekalb Medical which I thought was interesting because I always thought of all spas being these foo-foo places and probably never gave much thought to the necessary expertise in skin care.  So I checked in and was warmly greeted by the Dr. Q Cosmetics staff.  I met with the most amazing esthetician, Heather Schardan, who not only eased my mind with a detailed explanation of the Skin Bella Rejuvenating Facial Treatment but also gave me the history of Dr. Q Cosmetics and skin care tips.  Below is some information about the treatment.

The Skin Bella is an advanced rejuvenation system that combines ultrasound technology with crystal free microdermabrasion.

Okay, let me stop you there and break it down Mami-style.   From what Heather explained to me often times crystals were used in the microdermabrasion process which can at times be abrasive to some skin types but with the Skin Bella – the name of the equipment being used – crystals are obviously not used and so much better for sensitive skin like mine.  Also, you’ll have a full even exfoliation which is very key for this kind of treatment.  Who would want certain spots on their face not exfoliated? Now for those of you that have had an ultrasound done before, which would be most moms, they put that cold gooey gel on your face.  Yes, it’s cold but if memory serves me correct they do put something on your face before that so that the stinging of the cold is not completely felt.  I did feel the cold though but it wasn’t painful at all.  Just…well…cold.

After that Heather took a “wand” and went over my face with it.  That didn’t hurt either and I just felt it touching/massaging my face.  I have to admit that during this process I kept thinking of the story “The Emporer’s New Clothes”  when they tricked the emporer into thinking that he was wearing clothes when he wasn’t.  My thought process went something like this:

Okay seriously, crystals, magic “wands” that give me a mini-facelift and make my skin look better by slathering “baby gel” on my face.  Umm…am I really going to buy into this?

When the treatment was finished – by the way it was about 45 minutes in all – I truly couldn’t believe what had been done.  I could see amazing differences.  I am always very self-critical especially about my face and skin.  But I wanted to cry because when Heather handed me the mirror I saw a glowing, younger looking face staring back at me.  It was a MAJOR difference and that was just in one treatment.  Needless to say that I’m coming back because since this treatment I have been told many times from friends and loved ones how wonderful my skin looks now.  Do you know how great it is to hear your husband tell you how gorgeous you look?!?!

And especially after I had explained to Heather about my large, yucky pores I saw smaller, cleaner and less noticeable pores.  And it also took away some of the serious redness on my cheeks that always made them look flushed and dark spots- which by the way Heather explained to me was probably due to a lot of sun exposure throughout the years and that it’s always a good idea to visit a dermatologist for check-ups.   But in the meantime it was so nice to have the skin that I had always wanted finally!

Having had the Skin Bella Rejuvenating Facial Treatment at Dr. Q Cosmetics allowed me to regain some serious confidence in my appearance – something that I had desperately needed before I headed out to speak on a panel at the Blogalicious conference and attend Blog World Expo.  And before I left the office Heather had armed me with the best skin care information you can imagine.  I am truly grateful to the Dr. Q Cosmetics office and even more so to Heather who took the time to not only treat this mami to a wonderful spa experience but also provide me with the tools to help my skin remain as beautiful as it looked the day I looked into the mirror at their office and cried.

Thanks again to Dr. Q Cosmetics and Heather for sharing their expertise with me.  You all rocked my socks off!

If you are interested in making an appointment you can find them at:

Dr. Q Cosmetics

2675 N. Decatur Road – Suite 609

Decatur, Georgia 30033

(404) 501-9170 – ask for Heather! and Facebook

And feel free to visit  www.spaweek.com for the nearest spa location in your state.  You can also follow them on Twitter @SpaWeek and Facebook where they give you the best updates and deals in the spa industry.

So hurry and make your appointment ASAP!  They go very fast!  And please come  back here and share your experiences with me.  I’d love to do a profile and/or link back to anything that you’ve written regarding Spa Week and your treatments.

Now go beautify yourself, mama!

With all my mami love,

*I was provided with a complimentary treatment for my review by SpaWeek.  I was not provided any monetary compensation and the views and opinions are my own.

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