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Great Deals on Groupon, With Mom in Mind!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are 100% mine.


There’s nothing I like better than a great deal! Well, maybe a great deal on things to do around my town. Since having my second child I have to pay even more attention to our family’s spending but don’t want want to take away from 0ur fun activities. So when I’m looking to find something for me and/or my family to enjoy I hit up Groupon Things To Do.

Groupon For Post-Pregnancy

Almost 6 months ago I had my 2nd baby, A.J. As sweet and adorable as he is, it was tough and I was experiencing a serious need to get out of the house and do something for my mind & body. Lucky for me I found a great deal on a fitness bootcamp that was just up the street from my home which was perfect. I never knew it was there and was so grateful to be able to do a little something for my post-pregnant self. I felt refreshed and ready to take on a million diaper changes after that first class!


Groupon For Date Night

Now that I’ve been feeling a little more energized these days, and the baby is bigger, I can’t wait to grab a groupon for a date night that hubby and I could sure use. Everything from movie ticket packages to wine tastings to paintball (yeah, that’s how we roll!) is right at our fingertips.

Groupon For “Me Time:

Of course, doing things for my body & health and enjoying quality time with my hubby is great, I don’t want to forget about my overall health & well-being. That means making sure I find time to just unwind and do something fun for myself. There was plenty of things I found that would let me enjoy a little “me time” like taking a cooking class, painting, maybe even check out a zombie convention because I’m a bit of a fan and my other half? Not so much, lol! 

Groupon For Family Fun:

And after taking care of myself I know I can be a better mami to my kids and we can enjoy more great Groupon deals together. I know we’ll be grabbing any bowling or bounce house deals because those are winners in my household but I can’t wait to explore new places & activities with the family!

Just remember to sign up for the Groupon emails tailored to your local Things To Do (you would provide your city or zip code to help locate the best deals in your area).

I just love the fact that Groupon shows us things that we may have never even known about and get to experience it at great deals . I hope you get the chance to try it out and enjoy life at a great price!

What is an awesome Things To Do Groupon deal you discovered or want to try out?

Jennifer Hutcheson is the Owner and Editor of Mami 2 Mommy - a community where all moms can have a voice. She is a Latina mami of a 5-year-old boy, Shaun (aka Shaunsito) and wife to another incredible male in her life, Daddy Shaun. Currently a Digital Strategist/Social Media Consultant and a Freelance Writer her days are often filled with the joys of her crazy mami world and the passion for her work.



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