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Living a Healthier Life With #CRESupplements

My earliest memory of taking any kind of vitamin as a child were Flintstone vitamins. I thought they tasted like candy and I would always sneak the more than 1-2 recommended dosage. Growing up in a Latina household, taking vitamins was not something that was always encouraged or used on a regular basis. My mami (mom) would prefer we received our vitamins through the foods that she prepared. Taking vitamins was not an option for staying healthy. It was all about the comida (food) and hierbas (herbs) and of course the Vicks vapor rub.

I never really put too much thought into taken vitamins until I started my own family. My two children have always taken vitamins in a “gummy bear” form. It brought me piece of mind that they received the vitamins that may have lacked from being at times “pick eaters”.  However, I began to research supplements when my daughter was having a lot of upper respritory problems and standard medicines were not helping her as before. I started to think maybe her little body was getting to use to the medicines she was taking and we needed to look into other options. I soon discovered that I could strengthen her immune system by giving her a supplement with elderberry in it. Elderberry is great in boosting the immune system and I started to see some positive results. So there began my quest in adding additional supplements and vitamins to not only my children’s daily lives but to my husband and myself.

Over the past couple of months my husband and I have made some big changes in regards to our health and well being. We took stock of the lack of vitamins that we didn’t take, even though we always encouraged our kiddos to take their “gummy bear” vitamins and supplements. But we essentially realized we were not providing our own bodies with the vitamins we needed.  After some research on our own, getting our annual physicals and speaking with our doctors we decided that vitamins such as a multivitamin, fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D, Calcium and zinc was what our bodies needed.

Eventually our medicine cabinet had grown into a rainbow of vitamins! I feel better knowing that I have made changes that well help me to stay healthier and teach my children that vitamins and supplements are an important part of healthy living.

It’s always best to speak with your doctor to receive recommendations on what is best for you as well as doing the research before taking anything orally. Visit Consumer Reports to learn more about vitamins and supplements. They provide a great wealth of information. And if you have any questions about health supplements you can submit them to Dr. Jose Luis Mosquera at dr.mosquera@cr.consumer.org. He will answer them in his column Ask Dr. Mosquera.

Happy Healthy Living!

This post is part of a Consumer Reports en Español consumer learning campaign. this post is not an endorsement of any product or service, and I’m being compensated for my time ONLY, not for my opinion.


Daphne is a Co-Owner of Mami2Mommy.com and the North Carolina Editor. Born and raised in New York she has fully embraced - with her husband of 13 years and her two wonderful children Brandon, 9 years old and Amelia Rose, 5 years old - all that the Carolinas have to offer...which is a lot! Follow her on Twitter @Mami2MommyNC and on Facebook.com/Mami2MommyNC.




  • We have yet to try out elderberry! Thanks for a great list for a healthier life.

  • Carissa

    I get my kids to take Vitamin C a lot… but that’s a bout it..

    I try to take fish oil and Vitamin D… plus I love one called Neuro Replete for mood stability… you have to have a DR. order it for you though…

  • Whitney

    We use elderberry syrup every cold and flu season, along with vitamin C. This is a great list. Thanks!

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