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Mondays with Mimi – Mind Your Manners

By Mommy Mimi

I always make it a point to say please and thank you when asking my son to do something for me or when he hands me an item. This habit never struck me as being odd until a stranger in the store struck up a conversation with me and made it known that she would never say please or thank you to her children because that would indicate she was asking rather than telling them to do something.

Huh? I tried to explain to her my view on the issue, that manners equate respect and that all people including children deserve a certain level of respect. I also explained that I thought it was a good way to reiterate to my son how important it is for him to say “please” and “thank you” to others.   I have no idea why I said that because in a nutshell she described me as a new generation mother who didn’t know how to put children in their place.

I really wanted to tell her she was more than welcome to mind her own business because I didn’t ask for her opinion in the first place but seeing that she was much older than me and we were talking about the issue of respect I edited my thoughts before opening my mouth again. I smiled politely and told her that it was nice speaking to her and moved on.

What’s your take? Do you mind your manners when children are involved?




  • Tyeisha

    i do tell me children thank you and say pleae when speaking with them. This is something that I conscientiously do. And, now that it is a habit, if I forget the kids remind me.

    I do it because I want to establish a relationship of mutual respect. And, a person’s age or position doesn’t void them from needing to have manners.

    Children understand that they have to do it because you as a parent says so. That goes without saying.

    Maybe I’m just a new generation mom too. But, I can remember as a child the adults who spoke to me and then the ones who just spoke at me.

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