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Series Premiere For The Stylish, Money Savvy Hispanic Woman on #DiscoveryFamilia

The last time I purchased a whole new wardrobe was right before my 3 year old was born. I have made a few necessary purchases since then but overall my money and focus were on my son. I could go without these things. I was a mom now which meant sacrificing my style, right?  Needless to say my son has a much nicer and definitely bigger wardrobe than I did. I guess I was always assuming that to get a certain look I would need to use a huge chunk of my budget and I wasn’t willing to do that because my son was always my first priority. Not to mention trying to discern what might actually look good on my “post-post-post baby body”. But lately I’m coming to the realization that I can be stylish and money savvy but I just need a little help to figure it out. Luckily for me Discovery Familia has read my mind and will be introducing their series premiere which will help Hispanic women find their inner fashion diva.

Beginning November 29th (Tuesdays at 11PM E/P), Discovery Familia will be bringing us a new show, Moda x menos (Fashion x Less). It will provide advice on beauty & style and how you can afford to get those looks without sacrificing your entire budget. Hosted by the renowned Chilean stylist Angélica Castro, the show will also take a look at a group of diverse Hispanic women who are looking to change their image with a budget-friendly fashion plan.

Hostess of Discovery Familia's new series, Moda x menos, Chilean actress and designer Angélica Castro

Here are the first two episodes that you don’t want to miss:

Episode 1. Liana is suffering from health problems and wants to celebrate life by holding a get-together with good friends. She would like to look the best she ever has, but does not have much of a budget to work with. Angelica Castro takes her to a local Los Angeles boutique and shows her that she does not need to spend a fortune to be able to afford some nice designer items. She also surprises Liana with a private hair and make-up session with Eva Longoria’s personal stylist.

Episode 2. Ana is a young new singer preparing for a concert, who does not quite know how to define her look.  Angelica takes her to a bargain store in search of the perfect dress for an incredible low price. She also shows Ana how to create a spa experience at home as she prepares for her concert. What Ana does not expect is the surprise celebrity appearance arranged for her at the concert.

Now I’m just waiting for my phone to ring with an invitation to be made over too! Until then you all can learn from me and do yourselves a favor. Don’t get stuck for 3 years in a fashion rut like I did. You owe it to yourself to let that beauty shine inside and out.

So, watch Moda x menos on the Discovery Familia channel on Tuesdays at 11PM E/P for your fashion, budget savvy tips on how you can be the best diva you can be. Now go work that catwalk, mami!

*Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a compensated campaign with Discovery Familia and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.




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