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Children’s Theatre of Charlotte Presents The Commedia Cinderella

My daughter and I headed out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with her little Prince, Garrett and his mom, to the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte to see The Commedia Cinderella. The children were so excited and were already giggling in the car. The children had already gotten a glimpse of the Tarradiddle Players that had just visited their preschool a few days ago so they couldn’t wait to see the Commedia Cinderella.

We arrived at the theatre and were greeted by the wonderful staff. The theatre is a place that makes you feel at home and the energy that it projects is always so lively. We excitedly got to our seats and the lights dimmed – it was showtime! The Tarradiddle Players came onto the stage with their funny antics. If you have not gotten a chance to see this group of performers with your family you must get to the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte. This group of performers put on a fun and entertaining show where not only the children laughed but adults can share in the fun also.

The Commedia Cinderella is an hour show that was filled with lots of humor. It’s a great show for preschool ages up to elementary school age. The theatre was not just filled with little girls but there were many boys laughing it up during the show. The set is a simplistic scenery with actors who have you engaged. One of the things that I loved about the performance is that the Tarradiddle Players were the sole performers of the fairy tale and they did not require a lot of flashy costumes to tell the story. They were versatile in switching character roles and improvised when needed. They were successful in catching the attention of the young audience with their storytelling and keeping them entertained.

My daughter’s favorite part of the show was when Cinderella magically changed into her beautiful dress and then went to the royal gala. My daughter’s friend loved the sword fighting with the long loaves of bread. It was a fairy tale with magic, dreams and action scenes that was loved by all. There were two meaningful messages that The Commedia Cinderella demonstrated to the children and that was that dreams can come true and when friends disagree they can still be friends.

Come out and enjoy this show with your family. There are still tickets available here.

This coming weekend November 11-13 is the last weekend for The Commedia Cinderella. This show is true family entertainment at its best!

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