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By Mommy Mimi

About three years ago I lost my mother. When my mother left, my son was only two years old and I was extremely fearful of how he would react to her absence because she lived with us and was a major part of his daily routine. He adored his “Gan-ma”.

Despite the enormous amount of grief I was feeling, for the next few months I would consistently ask him if he remembered Grandma Denise. I would show him pictures and ask him what he remembered about her. Or I would say things like remember when Grandma Denise did this or cooked that.

Lately I have slacked off. There are pictures of her around but I don’t engage him nearly as much as I did. The thought has crossed my mind of how I will teach the baby about how great her grandmother was when the time comes. I came into the room the other day to find my son had taken down a photo of her and put it to my daughter’s face and said, “ This is Grandma Denise, when you get older I’ll tell you allllllll about her.”  *tears* Not that I didn’t think he remembered her because he makes mention of her from time to time but just the sheer fact that at his young age he understood the importance of preserving her legacy and passing it along to his sister.

While she may never see her grandmother in the flesh, I now feel confident in knowing that we will make sure she knows that her grandmother was an awesome woman, who cared deeply for her family. I have many items of hers that I plan to pass down to them and although she is no longer here with us, I have to respect her for all of the sacrifices that she made to make me the individual that I am today. If we don’t respect the past and where we came from, how can we fully embrace the future.

Love you Mommy!

If you’ve lost loved ones, how do you make sure their legacy and memory is remembered by your children?




  • Kita

    That is good. My son was only 1 when my mom died and I did not show him her picture because I have just been able to put them up. When I did put the picture up (with no mention of who she was) he remembered her. He said “Is that your mom? I replied yes and he said “She is in heaven right do you miss her” I was shocked because I never really mentioned her and he knew who she was. (I think he sees her somehow in his dreams) I don’t know what it is but it’s good to tell them who people are so that they will know as they get older.

  • MamiCool

    Me encantó tu escrito, casi me pongo a llorar. Yo soy suficientemente afortunada de tener a mi mamá y a mi abuela (que es mi mamá de crianza) y no sé cómo será cuando llegue el momento de la partida. Pero ahora que mi abuela no está viviendo cerca de nosotros, siempre le muestro foto a mi AbiCool y se la menciono ya que ella tiene una conexión con mi abuela que a mí me ha impresionado. Es la única persona que aunque ella deje de ver parece no olvidársele.
    Tus hijos van a tener ese legado vivo en sus memorias, sigue mencionándola en las cosas que hacía y los momentos felices y ellos van a tenerla siempre presente.

  • GG

    Beautiful post, Mimi. Our kids constantly amaze us, don’t they?? Sometimes we don’t know if they are really listening or getting the lessons we try to teach them and then there are moments like these where they show us that they are getting it. Thanks for sharing this.

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