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Mondays With Mimi: Live It Up!

By Mommy Mimi

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Taking care of children and a family can often drain us and make us lose sight of the fact that before we were mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives we were people. People who cared about our own well-being. We often spared no expense to cater to our personal needs. We felt alive, fun, and free. Life was for living and we embraced the ideal wholly.

Then came love, and the baby in the baby carriage.

Becoming a parent changed everything. Every stitch of you after the positive pregnancy test became all about the magnificent being that you would birth and spend the best years of your life nurturing. Then somewhere along the way, you lost you.

This scenario is all too common amongst many and the topic of conversation among those who find themselves on the journey to Parentville. You know Parentville, the place where people wear “mom” jeans, don’t comb their hair nor treat themselves to the occasional mani/pedi, or date night. Sorry, I won’t let you take that trip to Parentville if I can help it!

Our children and families deserve the best of us. When we moved into the most important roles of our lives, many of our experiences molded us into the super parents that we are today. It’s only fair that some of our indulgences make the transition!

While we carpool, clean, and cook for our families, we must remember the greatest lessons are taught by example. Continuing to live and do for ourselves as caregivers’ sets the standard for our children that caring for one’s self is imperative and creates a healthy balance in life.

It is my belief that life is indeed for living. Weekly, I hope to bring you tidbits on creating balance along with random musings and tried and true facts on being a parent, spouse, friend and a host of other impromptu roles that we find ourselves performing on a daily basis.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything but having a good time, and trying to be the best wife, mother and friend I can be. I am ecstatic to be a part of the Mami 2 Mommy family. I look forward to interacting with you.

I hate to start our new relationship off being pushy, but this week I demand you do something for yourself. Will it be a manicure, a trip to the salon or the oh so elusive trip to the grocery store alone?  Do share!




  • Congratulations Mimi on becoming a part of the Mami 2 Mommy family! And what a post!!! Great way to kick of a new series. Everything you said rang true in my heart. I’m learning that when I do take care of myself, if enables me to take even better care of my family. This week I am committing to workout 3 times. Last week, I worked out twice. It does wonders for my energy levels and mood. At times when I don’t feel like it, I just remember how great I will feel when I’m done!

    Thanks again for sharing your heart and being transparent. We need more moms like you!

  • Mami Jennifer

    Thanks Erika for stopping by. We are so happy to have Mimi on board and this post comes at a perfect time for me. I always have to remind myself to take some “mami time” and this was my friendly reminder!

  • dayka @life+style

    congrats on the new gig, mimi! even though i’m not a mom, i love reading your blog and know you’ll be a perfect fit here. 🙂

  • Kita

    First of all congrats to you Mimi we need more voices to speak on parentville. I look forward to reading more posts because we as parents are not perfect and we are always looking to step our game up.

  • Mimi

    Yes. We all need reminders from time to time. I’m getting a massage this week…but only because my birthday is this week. I too must do better.

    Thanks Dayka!

  • Alicia

    Yay Mimi! Congratulations! I am so excited that you are guest posting on Mondays! You know I will be here reading what you have to say! 🙂
    Today, I am going to get a much needed eyebrow wax! Doesnt sound fun or glamorous, but def necessary!!!

  • Laila @OnlyLaila

    Thanks so much for the reminder! I am getting a manicure today!! Definitely taking time for me.

  • Mimi

    @Kita. Yes, Parentville is a real place. I’ve been there!

  • Christina

    YAAY!! congrats! I look forward to seeing your posts (and hopefully putting your suggestions into action!)

  • Niya

    Great post! It is sometimes difficult to emerge from the depths of mommyhood. But this year I will be waving goodbye to Parentville in my rear view mirror as I head down the “Hot Mama” highway! Lol!

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