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Mommie is Only One Person


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By Mami Raquel

For 17 months it was Mommy, Daddy and Dayana. Oh what an attention filled world she lived in! She was the center of everyone’s world since she was the first daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter and niece. We were all so focused on her and her adorable sayings. She loved every minute of it. It wasn’t until January 15, 2010 and after several positive pregnancy tests later that we realized she would no longer be the center of our world. Gabriella was due in September and we had till then to help Dayana understand she would now need to share the spotlight and everyone’s attention as well.


When she found out we would have a baby, Dayana took it all in very well and was extremely excited that she was a BIG SISTER. We were all confident that she would receive Gabriella with open arms. My only fear was that since I was having a repeat c-section, Dayana would not understand that I could not carry her for about 6 weeks. September came along and Dayana proved us all right, she was not only excited about her little sister but her maternal skills kicked in immediately. Dayana would gentle caress her sister’s face, give her sweet kisses on her forehead and would tell her “hi tata, I love you.” Our hearts melted.

I now have a “can’t sit still” 34 month old and a very active 7 month old at home. The question is not how they interact with each other but how Mommie can stay sane during the day caring for children who have completely different needs.

Dayana likes to play dress up and wants constant interaction with one of us. She likes to “cook” and serve “chocolate mocha” to us straight from her pretend kitchen. We must be seated on the floor waiting for these yummy treats she cooks, if not, she will not be a happy little cook. Gabriella on the other hand demands her feedings and meals along with some attention as well. Gaby is a “cuddler” so she loves to be held. We spend hours just staring into each other’s eyes, I love it. However, it’s pretty hard having this moment with Gabriella when Dayana is calling for a customer at her restaurant.

So, this week I am the one asking you to help me.

How can I divide myself for my 2 kiddies and still feel I have spent enough time with them. I am currently managing it, but is it supposed to feel this exhausting?


Raquel is wifey to her high school sweetheart & a stay at home mommie to 2 beautiful divas, She is completely devoted to her “lil’ familia” and enjoys quiet evenings at home. Some of her favorite past times includes listening to music, cooking and couponing. Raquel has a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. She is very passionate about her profession and thoroughly enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Make sure to check out Raquel’s blog for your dose of krayzeeness at




  • Divina

    Raquel! I totally get you. My son was the 1st everything too. He was the sun, moon and stars of two sets of grandparents, three aunts and two parents. Now we have a new baby boy and it’s so hard to juggle being a wife and mom of two. I am still on maternity leave but I work full time I have no idea what I will do then. If you get good advice please let me know.

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