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Mommy Goes Back to School


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By Mami Raquel

For the past three weeks I have been enrolled in school taking two classes I need to start a new job in August. I enrolled in an online university since the thought of going to an actual campus is not realistic with two small children. Who am I kidding. Although my school counselor strongly suggested I do not take two classes simultaneously I am in a time crunch and have no option. I signed up for both classes and they are usually 12 week courses now crammed into a five week curriculum.  Need I say more?

I find myself trying to be the very best wife, mom and student I can be. It is proving extremely difficult to be all three. But where there is a will there is a way, right? So far I have managed to make a study schedule and stick to it. I pack up my girls everyday and drive a good 40 minutes to my Momma’s house. She takes over with them and I continue on to what use to be my room and study for 8 hours straight. I then pack up my girls and drive back home and change my role of student to “momma and wifey”. We put the kids to bed and guess who stays up and studies some more? Yep, you guessed it, ME.

I am determined to not let either role interfere with the other and finish my classes with flying colors. Have you ever taken courses or been enrolled in school while having children? How did you deal? Any and all tips are greatly appreciated.


Raquel is wifey to her high school sweetheart & a stay at home mommie to 2 beautiful divas, She is completely devoted to her “lil’ familia” and enjoys quiet evenings at home. Some of her favorite past times includes listening to music, cooking and couponing. Raquel has a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. She is very passionate about her profession and thoroughly enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. Make sure to check out Raquel’s blog for your dose of krayzeeness at




  • BusyWorkingMama

    You can do it, mama! I have to say I had my college and masters completed before I turned 23. I did my masters part time while working full time (a lot) and it was tough but well worth it. Hang in there! You’ll reap the rewards!

  • Tye

    You can do it..

    I am also currently enrolled online in 5 week classes. However, I am only taking one course at a time. Most of my classwork I have to do when my kids are asleep at night. I try to get the reading/studying part in for maybe 30 minutes each morning.

    It is a juggling act, but it isn’t impossible.

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