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Multi-Tasking – Mom vs. Dad


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By Mami Daphne

By nature most women are great at multi-tasking. As moms we are pros. We can cook dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, clean up messes and run errands. We just go, go, go! So much to do and not enough hours to do it all, yet we somehow manage. Men, on the other hand, seem to take the easy way out. Am I wrong ladies? Can they really multi-task and they’re just hiding it or are they really incapable of living up to our so-called unrealistic expectations?

Prior to having children, I had always considered myself a pretty organized individual and prided myself in juggling many different tasks. I remember even back in the day of being a WOHM that I actually enjoyed my “lists” and being able to cross things off as I completed them. It gave me a sense of satisfaction. Now, as a mom of 2 and mompreneur, my lists get longer and the crossing off happens less. But I am proud to say that I can still multi-task with the best of them! Maybe things aren’t as neat and organized as they use to be but everything gets done. Juggling the responsibilities of a family and a business are no simple tasks. There are days when I think, “How will it all get done?” So I take a deep breath, vent to my sisters and best friends, and keep on going. But everything gets done.

However, my husband doesn’t exactly take this same approach. For some reason I think men are just not wired the way women are. He can only seem to handle one task at a time. And it would actually be pretty humorous if it wasn’t so frustrating at times. Just watching my husband take care of our kids is interesting. Even though he does a wonderful job at taking care of them when I need to do some work for the shop, it’s apparently unthinkable for me to expect him to do more than one task at a time. It’s all that he can handle. (eye roll!) He just does things “his” way. My husband has told me many times that he just can’t do it my way -and I wonder if that’s true or is it just a lame excuse for not having to do the laundry, dishes and vacuuming all in the time that he is home with the kids? At that rate nothing gets done!

As moms we are the ones that keep it all together and keep things running smoothly for our families. We are the champions of multi-tasking – hands down. Are we perfect at what we do? No way. But everything gets done. Can the dads say that? Doubt it. But remember to still tell your husband thanks for the help he gives you and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being able to cross that off your list for the day. That’s called multi-tasking, honey!


Daphne is a Co-Owner of and the North Carolina Editor. Born and raised in New York she has fully embraced - with her husband of 13 years and her two wonderful children Brandon, 9 years old and Amelia Rose, 5 years old - all that the Carolinas have to offer...which is a lot! Follow her on Twitter @Mami2MommyNC and on



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