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#PamperEasyUps Training Underwear Unboxing & Coupon!


My son, Skye, has been potty training recently and though I would love to say that it has been easy, I would be lying. It has definitely come with its challenges and I’m looking for all the help I can get!

As a first time mom I needed a little advice, so I asked friends and family and searched the internet. I decided that these were the Top 5 Potty Training Tips that would work best for me and Skye:

  1. Do what you have to do to get it done…bribe and/or reward away.
  2. Sing them a potty song or make one up with them.
  3. Read them a potty training book to get them excited about it.
  4. Give them a special drawer or basket to keep their favorite potty training items in.
  5. Keep it fun & be patient!

The last tip was the most important one. Instead of worrying every second about transitioning Skye from diapers to underwear, I turned to our friends at Pampers who sent a fun surprise to get him ready for his underwear training journey! Skye was so excited and couldn’t wait to unbox his special gift and I couldn’t wait to check out the newest changes made to Pampers Easy Ups.

Watch the video below to join us in the unboxing excitement! 

I just love how Pampers Easy Ups really does a great job of making the underwear training journey so much fun with Thomas the Train and Dora the Explorer designs. Skye couldn’t wait to get his big boy training underwear into his special drawer we set up in his room…he was so proud! 

And their newest feature has them feeling and looking more like real underwear while providing the outstanding leak protection you’d expect from Pampers. Skye loved how soft they were and was able to pull them on and off on his own, thanks to the stretchy waistband. It warmed my heart to see my little one smiling after putting on his Pampers Easy Ups by himself! 

Watching Skye discover and enjoy his Pampers Easy Ups, and his training underwear journey, teaches me to be more patient and reminds me to have fun. This moment is brief and I want to treasure every second of it!



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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are completely my own.



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