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Mondays With Mimi – Lazy, Hazy Days

Photo Courtesy of Simon Howden

By Mommy Mimi

This winter was like no other. Exceptionally cold and brutal compared to what we are used to in the south. For some time I have been quite anxious about the impending lazy, hazy days of summer. Well, the time has come. My son’s last day of school is Friday, and my stepdaughter will be joining us the week after to kick off summer vacation. *Panic sets in* what am I going to do with them daily this summer? In light of inflated gas prices and our plan to purchase a new home at the end of the summer, all three children will be home with me for the summer so that we can save money.

I have been giving much thought to fun activities that we can do at home, and those outside of the home that are cost efficient. I have come across quite a few websites that offer great tips on planning summer activities that won’t break the bank.  My plan is to create a schedule and get them out of the house at least three times a week, and have lessons and reading time the other two days. Operative word, plan!

This week I am going to contact different venues and restaurants within my area to see if they have special days when discounts are available. In addition, we will implement a new tradition, and everywhere we go this summer I plan to have the children write up their experience. At the end of the summer, I will create a book for each of them, baby girl included to document all of the fun learning experiences they had during their break.

I am currently working on some professional obligations so I am very nervous about how I will be able to keep up with those things, along with making sure I create a memorable and fun summer vacation for them. I can do this, and for the days when I can’t…the kiddy pool and the water hose will have to do!

What do you have planned for your family this summer? I could use some suggestions!



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