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Organizing Your Life With AboutOne – Review & Giveaway

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit I find myself in a bit of a cleaning frenzy. Most people are into the whole spring cleaning thing but I prefer fall cleaning. With vacations and the heat of summer coming to an end I start thinking about what fall will bring…hibernation. Yippee! But I don’t like to go into hibernation without properly putting things in order and organizing my life somewhat. I can’t stand for my cozy little space to be cluttered with the tons of papers I keep around. And I can’t possibly imagine what life will be like when my 2 1/2 year old son starts school. I can see all the school lists, schedules and other assorted papers piling up while I’m swallowed up whole by them! Whew, just imaging it is exhausting!  Maybe getting a head start now on how to get organized for those things in the future is the best thing. Plus it’ll help me get organized in general. So lucky for me I was recently made aware of a site called AboutOne.com which will hopefully help me do just that.

AboutOne.com is an online productivity tool for home managers, that comes in the form of a digital filing system and more, for all the information life will inevitably throw at you. Think of it as having your own online mommy helper that just exists to make you happy by organizing your health and school records, your child’s artwork that you cherish, and all other paperwork and family memories that you want in one easy-to-use place. Talk about organizational pampering!

But it’s definitely more than a one-trick pony. The features above are of course necessary things and very practical but I really enjoyed finding out about what fun things I could do with my AboutOne account. I was able to begin building a family newsletter (I have been wanting to do this forever), create a hardcover photo memory book with the pictures I uploaded, and can even start putting together a birthday card list for Shaunsito’s birthday while they do the legwork of sending out the paper greeting cards for me! Shoot, one less thing I have to do is okay by me.

And I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t check out their help desk by asking one of my obvious questions where usually the answer is right in front of me but I somehow don’t see it. Yes, my hubby loves bugging me about it. “How did you miss it, it was right in front of your face?” Yes, honey, I know. Anyhow, within less than an hour or two I heard back from someone with extremely helpful information and had this to say:

…at the same time you can give your feedback into our development process on features you would like to have included in the next release.

Do what? You want my feedback? Great! It is because they were created by moms for moms that they take very seriously the input of parents which I completely appreciate. I will definitely be providing my input on what other tools I’d like to see incorporated so that I can continue to figure out better ways on how to declutter my home before I go into hiding. For example, I would love to see a way to manage my coupons or savings from the coupons. Perhaps they may look into working with Sallie Mae or Upromise on creating a savings plan under their education tab. I know any help that I can get in managing my finances will be a tremendous help to my family. And for those of you hoping for an Iphone App, that is also coming soon. In fact that was a question that was answered by Beth in the chat room for the Contact Support (another great option when you want an immediate answer) and made me very happy since we are an app happy family -or as I like to call an “appy” family!

Overall I am excited about the site and what it offers. I think we will continue to see some very cool things from AboutOne and look forward to using their tools to make this mami’s crazy life a little less messy. Then, when all is said and done, I can press a few buttons and poof say bye-bye to my piles of papers and take a much needed nap. Hibernation here I come!

Oh, but before I run off let me tell you about the great giveaway that AboutOne and Global Influence have put together to get you started on your much needed nap time.


One (1) winner will be chosen at random from all entries across all blogs to receive the following prize:

  • $500 AMEX gift card and an upgrade to a free subscription to AboutOne.com to 1 grand prize winner + a $250 donation to the school of their choice.  All other entries will receive an email with a code for 25% off a one year subscription to AboutOne.com.



  • Giveaway ends September 9th at 11:59 p.m. ET
  • Open to U.S. residents
  • Must be 18 years of age or older

*The 17 day Free Passport gives you 17 full days of usage with no expiration date (requires no credit card information). Use each of your 17 days whenever you like. Yearly Plan gives you a full year of access to AboutOne for the low price of $30 per year.

**Disclosure: I was compensated by the Global Influence Network for my participation in this program but all thoughts and opinions were not affected by this. I’m too real to play with you all. Much love.



Jennifer Hutcheson is the Owner and Editor of Mami 2 Mommy - a community where all moms can have a voice. She is a Latina mami of a 5-year-old boy, Shaun (aka Shaunsito) and wife to another incredible male in her life, Daddy Shaun. Currently a Digital Strategist/Social Media Consultant and a Freelance Writer her days are often filled with the joys of her crazy mami world and the passion for her work.



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